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Sunday, March 26, 2017

{Sunday Snacks: Recipe}

I recently decided I wanted to fry some chickpeas. After doing a little research, I took the leap. Because I laugh in the face of danger. *insert evil laugh* 

You'll need: 
*A skillet/frying pan (preferably large)
*1 or 2 cans of 15oz chickpeas
*2 tablespoons coconut oil 
*An array of spices: I used salt, cayenne pepper, 
curry powder and ancho chile powder. 
I would have also included cumin, but I was out.
*Cooking goggles (sunglasses?) (I'm not kidding, y'all.
Chickpeas pop (sometimes OUT of the pan), the oil splatters, 
and you will get f*cking burned. Your face is not exempt
from these random attacks.)

I started out by rinsing and peeling the chickpeas, setting the broth aside in a container to use later for making soup or cooking. I read somewhere that peeling them ultimately results in crispier garbanzo beans. I also read that, if making hummus, peeling them, results in a creamier product. To peel the 'peas, you drain after rinsing and place  on a paper towel. I use a plate to house the towel. Envelop the beans in the p/t, applying a little pressure and jostling/wriggling them around beneath the towel. This loosens the shell. It also helps dry the beans.

After peeling them individually--yes, this is a labor of love, but well worth the time--you're left with empty shells. Discard them. Some might feel this is a tedious part of the process, but quite honestly, I sort of relish the time it takes up. I use it to think, express gratitude, or just watch TV while standing in my kitchen. Truth be told, you can peel the 'peas sitting on your couch. The process is not all that messy.

 VoilĂ ! You're left with shiny, pretty, gleaming chickpeas. Go ahead and heat up your coconut oil.

 Throw the chickpeas into your pan. I use my GreenPan, gifted to me by a friend. I looooove this thing. It's huge! You could probably fry two cans in this, but I only had one.

 Fry the 'peas for about 20 minutes or so (covered, stirring intermittently), or until they reach the desired crispness. BE CAREFUL. When I did this, the oil popped up and stung me on my arms and in the face!! I add spices while frying, and once this part is completed, I drain them, and apply more spices while hot, so the coating of seasonings stick. 

 And finally. . .the finished product.


 In closing. . .you have crispety, crunchety, vegan-y deliciousness. I'm certain adults and children alike will love this lil' snack. Perfect for a holdover until lunch or dinner time! 



Until we meet again...
Live Glamourously.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

{Luxe Living Rooms & Lofts}

I recently purchased new furniture for my home and am enamored with my setup! 
It just feels so luxurious and grown up!

 Full disclosure: this is the first full-price read: expensive (at least to me) 
sofa I've ever purchased in my life. 
I STILL love a bar cart.

 Nicole Miller nailhead chair...been running all over town to EVERY 
HomeGoods to find a match, but no luck yet.

 A little taste of my loft sanctuary life. . .
 Above, a small bouquet of flowers left over from my bestie's bridal shower. . .
countdown to the fall wedding in October!!
A closer look. . .made sure I filled this shelf with some of my favorite art 
and pretty little things that just make me smile

Not sure when I'll get around to wearing these shoes, 
so I decided to display them instead. 

Gotta have libations in every other room. . .
boozy guests are happy guests!
{click photos to enlarge}

Until we meet again...

Live Glamourously.

Friday, November 20, 2015

{Scenic Wine Tour}

Last weekend, my fabulous friend Dawn aka our group's "social chair", planned a wine day trip for us. It was really fabulous, and we all had a terrific time. We visited a whisky distillery, a brewery and two wineries. I collected a few snaps of the excursion. 

we began our journey at copper fox distillery

our incredibly knowledgeable tour guide

 finished product

after our initial tasting, we headed over to pen druid brewing
run by a band of brothers...

i started out with the orange rider...a citrus-y southern pale ale
...i have an obsession with fruity brews 

brew and a bag...
our group was nothing if not stylish

a sample of the mellow fellow

brewery nosh -- trout mousse...it was delicious

light show at pen druid...a nice touch


Until we meet again...

Live Glamourously.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

{Bendel Ambassador Soiree}

On November 6, I joined forces with Henri Bendel to kick off the holiday season at a party thrown in my honor. I have become quite a fan of the brand since first discovering them, so when my personal shopper--the MOST AMAZING Bendel associate ever, mind you--suggested they put on a soiree for me, how could I turn it down?!

Replete with a 25% discount on all merchandise my guests purchased, sips and sweets, a gift card and a giveaway of a brand new handbag, I was amped!

 a lovely little invite created by the HB marketing team just for moi

 one of my girls showing off her HB bling

 branded cookies...they were delicious!

i made off with this little beauty for less than $60 
with the assistance of the special promotional offer, 
my gift card and bendel rewards!

west 57th satchel my friend won in the giveaway!

happy holidays from me and HB!


Until we meet again...

Live Glamourously.

Monday, January 26, 2015

{New Additions}

Facts. I'm a handbag whore. You guys know this.
If I see a bag I love, I become enamored, obsessed, jaded...blahblahblah...
Now, I'm not really what you would categorize as a frugal girl, 
but I know how retail works when it comes to markdowns, 
so I often (im)patiently wait for the bags that I lust after to go on sale. 
And well, sometimes bags I didn't know I was in dire need of go on sale. . .
which translates into #firstworldproblems forreal forreal. 
That being said, I have new, new, NEW additions to share with you! 
(And yes, I just hit a shimmy while typing.)

I went into Henri Bendel a few weeks back and walked out with 
the leather and haircalf Rivington Tote. It was already on sale, 
and I got an additional 20% off using a coupon I had received from HB
due to an issue I had back in the fall. Worked for meeeee!! 
It comes in other colors and textures online, 
but I grabbed the last one of these babies in store. 
Lucky me. Overall bag design is divine. It screams richness. 

This one, the Whitney Satchel, is a complete showstopper.
I have gotten so many complements from men on this bag.
The vibrancy of the color is ev-er-y-thing and taken over the top
with the gold hardware and reptile print handles. It also has a
removable cross body strap that can be left on and displayed
stylishly by remaining buttoned underneath the bottom of the handbag.
I purchased this during the HB New Year's sale, and guess what?
Got it using the same 20% off code I used before because
I bought this one online as opposed to in-store.
The associate only asked to see the email containing the code
at the actual atelier and didn't bother keying it in,
so I tried my luck during my little online perusing session.
And voila! It worked. I was quite pleased.

Just a little HB portfolio wallet I picked up on sale for half-off.
It's a perfect mate for another Bendel bag I own, similar to
this, but mine is larger and has been discontinued by the brand.
Meanwhile, remember this post where I was whining about a
rare vintage Gucci bag that I had missed the opportunity to buy?
Well, where there's a will, there's a way. I got the bag!
I was able to negotiate a deal through my vintage seller to purchase
it from his original buyer. Don't sleep. She's serious about her Gucci.
Isn't she a beaut?


Until we meet again...

Live Glamourously.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

{Checking In. . . for the 2-0-1-5!}

Happy New Year, my loves! 
I hope you all experienced the most beautiful of endings to your 
respective 2014s and the most scintillating, delicious beginnings in 2015. 
Both, for me, were stylish to say the very least. 
I dressed to drop jaws in this little number I picked up from NY&CO 
--and had tailored to my specifications--
to ring in what I know is going to be one of the greatest years of my life! 
Shoes are compliments of Guess and worked so perfectly
...found and furnished by accident, but on sale!