Diva Style: Bathroom Accessories

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bathroom Accessories

These are accessories I bought at Target...all but the shower curtain, which I will be using to reupholster a bench in my bedroom, are for my bathroom. For any bloggers that can offer reupholstery tips, PLEASE email me or comment. I don't think it should be that difficult; after all, I am equipped with a staple gun, folks! :-) I can't wait to choose the photos for the multi-pic frame. I will be using the larger 8x10 frames (I got 4 total) for some black & white artsy photos most likely...depends on what I find that jumps out at me.


No.35style said...

That's a great idea to use the shower curtain for the bench! do you have a picture?

plumbing said...

I get nice idea with your article and I'm planning to have a renovation and take all the unnecessary things that looks messy in my bathroom.And change decorative and functional items.

Anonymous said...

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