Diva Style: Artwork I "made"

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Artwork I "made"

I was having trouble finding glamourous black & white photos of Black women to hang in my bedroom, so one night I got a hold of an old Trace magazine (a gem for luxurious looking artsy photos!) and a paper cutter some guy was handing out to random folks in Adams Morgan one night almost two years ago. I couldn't begin to fathom what type of mischief I was in for! LOL. I went crazy with it, cutting out everything that caught my eye, including the beautiful photography above. I thought of the black & white frames, also seen above, that I had used to display a couple of my published magazine articles from a few years back in, and I immediately dislodged them from the frames, and voila, instant art! That very top frame was a different story though. It housed a piece of artwork, and it was HELL trying to manipulate it, as well as the matting, with the paper cutter, but what can I say...it looks pretty good for my novice efforts. I was rather impressed with myself and my creativity.

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