Diva Style: Carrie's New Digs

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Carrie's New Digs

All the elements of stylish decor for the makings of a fashionista's fabulous casa! (photo courtesy of Bandelle)



So, I am perusing other bloggers' sites yesterday, and lo and behold, what do I find?!?! ...That a blogger by the name of Erin over at elements of style has posted a most gracious nod to the "before" and the to die for "after" decor of Carrie's newly decorated digs in SATC:TM! Please take a look! I have posted a few of the photos I found on her blog...enjoy! She has also written an article over at the Huffington Post that you might find interesting. FYI, I am also head over heels in amor with Erin's website, Element Interiors. A woman after my own heart, she has a great eye for appealing design elements.

Casa Sugar also has weighed in on all the redecorating reverie! Take this quiz to determine your decorating savvy when it comes to Carrie's apartment.

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Erin Gates said...

Thanks for the mention!! :)