Diva Style: Glorious finds from La Isla del Encanto

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Glorious finds from La Isla del Encanto


These masks, made of gourds, are donned during the San Juan carnivale, and used to keep evil spirits at bay.

Taino Statuettes

God/Goddess of the sun

Goddess of the moon

God of abundance--the folklore is that if you place a wish in his pot, it will come true. I've tried this already; it didn't work!


These are covered in art depicting the doors of old San Juan, displayed in a bowl created by yours truly.

Originial paintings by a local artist

I am a fan of bright colors--especially in paintings--so quite naturally, I was drawn to these works depicting old San Juan.

On my recent trip to Puerto Rico, I picked up some eclectic and exciting finds from local artists in and around the San Juan area...of course, I was absolutely enthralled! Take a look.

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