Diva Style: Daily Inspiration~Color!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Daily Inspiration~Color!

(Lemons and limes...used for decoration AND cooking...oh, and for making tasty "adult" beverages, ;-} )

(Vintage Blinko pitcher utilized as flower vase and ceramic Eastern-inspired statuettes courtesy of Pier 1)

(My beloved traditional ceramic foo dogs won on eBay)

(Kitchen science experiment growing plants...???)

(A cutesy tumbler I found at Urban Outfitters that I use as my toothbrush/paste holder)

If you've seen my place, or pictures of it, you know that I am enamored with color! Soooo....it's extremely fitting that I got my September issue of Domino in the mail yesterday with the oh so appropriate "A Color Revolution!" etched on the cover. Kudos to color! It's FIERCE! :-)

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