Diva Style: Plant Party~

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Plant Party~

I have been at Home Depot like a crazy, mad woman, do-it-yourselfer this week! While there, I picked up many necessary items, including lights for my cabinets in the kitchen, a hook for my closet, wood and L-brackets for my mantle build-out AND...these gorgeous tropical plants for...wait for it...$12.99 each! Post-repotting pics coming soon! In case you haven't noticed, I am extremely happy about this find...I plan on turning my terrace into a tropical oasis...I'm going to get some lanterns to hang overhead, some working balcony lights and a waterfall...ooh, and maybe a little ottoman.

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Racquel said...

I need to buy some plants too! Did you just purchase them recently? Gorgeous plants . . . I have some empty pots sitting in my house, waiting for plants.