Diva Style: Dollar Store Amour~

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dollar Store Amour~

Thanks to a little inspiration from Soul Pretty, I took a moment to visit my local dollar store today. And aside from the fact that I found some great deals, I overheard some hysterically funny things! One woman told her child she was getting coal for Christmas (...it sounds mean, but it was said in a very funny, sardonic tone)...another person sarcastically asked someone "Do you think it's your birthday?"...and at one point, this lady started talking about tissue paper aloud while I was standing nearby. ...Not sure who, if anyone, she was talking to in particular, but I just kind of looked her way, smiled and didn't say anything, though she was steadily looking at the tissue paper, hehe. Anywho, take a look at the snapshots...I swear, if I hadn't told you I was at the dollar store (and those "Dollar Tree" signs weren't attached to the shelves, LOL) where everything is indeed $1, you would think that I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond! I gave myself a $40 budget roughly, but looking at my cart I just knew that I spent at least $100, so imagine my surprise when my total came to $44.10...and that was with the purchase of two reusable bags that ALL my items (ranging from Fall, Halloween and Christmas decorations to run-of-the-mill housewares, such as a pizza slicer that I have been coveting for God knows how long!...and these great little plates I'm going to use for hors d'œuvres at my next party) fit into!

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Soul Pretty said...

LOL, do you think it's your birthday? I love it...Mini gets a $5.00 budget at the dollar store...it's her favorite place...like Mama like daughter...I'm glad you had fun...