Diva Style: Makeup Mondays~

Monday, November 24, 2008

Makeup Mondays~

First, I want to apologize for abandoning you for like two whole weeks, but I have been so very BUSY!! ...So...it came to my attention a long time ago that I have (and continue to collect) way more makeup than I can actually use to my advantage at once; therefore, I decided to go through my treasure trove of face paint and create an eye look with colors that I've never really used before. The base I used for the look was MAC paint pot 'Rubenesque'. I went on to utilize a combination of matte and shimmer shadows (pro and regular) from MAC starting with a color called 'red brick' from lashline to crease; then, I used 'honeylust' as a highlighter and on my lower lashline (please pardon the brows--I'm in a grow-out phase); and finally, I used 'ground brown' blended just beneath the highlight and from the outer corner of my eye blended into the middle of my lid. Oh, I almost forgot, I used one of my fave mascaras, De Guerlain in noir 2 noir to finish off the look. Whaddaya think?

...And I'm sorry to do this to you...but I got to playing around one night about two weeks ago with some shadows and created some banging smokey-eye looks after visiting one of my favorite beauty blogs...and I don't exactly remember what colors I used...but hopefully this will be inspiration for you to work on your very own 'art of the smokey-eye', LOL. It certainly helped me up the ante on mine!


Admin said...

The smoky gray eye is the best.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I like your application!