Diva Style: Makeup Mondays~

Monday, December 1, 2008

Makeup Mondays~

Well, well, well, what do you know...the lil' diva got crafty over the weekend! Um, yeah, I got cutesy with the eye looks. Hope these inspire you! (Disclaimer: Some of these application pics may be a bit disturbing, LOL.)

For my Thanksgiving look, I used all MAC products, excluding the mascara. I started out applying Rubenesque paint pot (not pictured) and followed up with Honey Lust...hmmm, I feel like I have Deja Vu from last week...

I then applied Ground Brown mixed with Nehru to the outer corner and into and slightly above the crease.

I rimmed the lower lashline with Nehru.

I completed the look with some Bobbi Brown Espresso Gel Ink liner and mascara...De Guerlain, I think...(By the way, Gel Ink is THE BEST!!..It absolutely will not smudge...very good liner for those nights you don't come home...you'll wake up with the same gorgeous eyes you fell asleep with. ;-O )

And voila! Look complete!

This next look was inspired by my friend Sam's sister-in-law on Thanksgiving day...her eyes looked so beautiful, I had to try my own version before going out the following evening.

I only used two colors for this look, MAC's Hepcat and Mystical Mist.

I applied a little Hepcat just above the lashline...

and blended the oh so magical Mystical Mist around it, and lined the lower lashline with Hepcat.


Anonymous said...


Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

love the colors...awesome blending!! ♥

Traveler said...

I'm diggin' the eyes! I don't really have any makeup...cause I don't wear it. lol But I want eyes that pop like that!

Unknown said...

Seriously! Both of these looks are gorgeus!