Diva Style: Breaking News!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Breaking News!!

Domino magazine is CLOSING!!

It's a sad day in decor publication history. Conde Nast is shutting down Domino magazine. :'-( This is one of my FAVORITE interior design publications of all time--actually, it's my FAVE. My friend and I were just talking about how we never throw away any issue, and I thought to myself the other day...if I cut out all my other pubs, this is the one I would keep. I know there were rumors of this circulating last year, but I hoped it wouldn't come to pass. DAGGONE IT!!


Phyllis Bourne said...


Damn. I love Domino for helping me "decorate" my book characters' spaces.


noooo way ! I adooore that magazine

The Broke Socialite said...

So so sad.

Soul Pretty said...

I know it so weird...I worked in magazine publishing for years and sometimes it's more about the personalities of the people behind that scence that causes a magazine to go under...but, not usually when their is a huge circulation...the blogs are full of people saying they subscribe and love the mag...but, I guess it wasn't enough...I really love their website and I heard that's going down too...stay tuned.

YoungDre said...

Wow, you actually put me on to Domino and they are closing now!! Times are hard out there.

Guess the only thing left to do is for YOU to release your own decorating mag. :)