Diva Style: Ringing in the New Year Right!~

Friday, January 9, 2009

Ringing in the New Year Right!~

I absolutely LOVE to entertain!...But I do NOT do resolutions, so instead of telling everyone I was going to have a cocktail party beforehand, I decided to send out an invite on New Year's Day for the Sunday right after. Impromptu, yes, however, I really want to do more entertaining in my home this year, so what better way to start it off...if I move all this furniture, I could have a rockin' party, LOL...and I have a terrace......shooooot...it would be on and poppin'! Here's a couple pics of the setup. I have my lovely mother to thank for all of my fabulous partyware. With a mom who keeps me in jewelry, vintage handbags and home accents, who needs a man? ;-) P.S.--I made a very tasty signature cocktail. Email me for the recipe!


The Broke Socialite said...

LOVE the pineapple and be-pedestaled platter! Sounds like a blast!

Racquel said...

How was your NYE party?