Diva Style: Table Amor~

Monday, January 26, 2009

Table Amor~

I was so excited about getting this table home...I am pretty sure I was agitating the salespeople at Pier 1 this past Saturday, even though they thanked me for my patience. :-)

A more panoramic view including my English three-seater

My little tablescape...an S monogram for my family name that I picked up at Anthropologie today

Pier 1 is having a sale!! 75% off loves! I rave because it's where I got this table for like seventy bucks...I was so excited because I've been looking for a table around this height for some time to do exactly what is seen in the picture--stand in the corner and look pretty while holding my strategically placed items. :-) Whaddaya think?

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Soul Pretty said...

cute, cute, cute...you love yourself some Pier1...is it near your job? 75% off, I'm going over to the website right now...even though I could open a pier1 with all the stuff I have around here...