Diva Style: Welcome to Washington, Mr. President!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome to Washington, Mr. President!

Happy New Year, fellow citizens! Yesterday marked the arrival of President-Elect Barack Obama and his family to their new home, Washington, DC, and people couldn't have been more elated...and rightfully so! The new first family will be taking up residence in the historic Hay-Adams hotel until January 15th, when they will be moved over to the Blair House. Hay-Adams is quite luxurious, so I'm sure they will rest comfortably there until the next transition. But who am I to tell you about it? See for yourself!

I'm sure the Obamas made quite the grand entrance. What else could such royalty be capable of?

The President's gotta eat, too!

Where the President is resting his head for the time being

Do you think the new Pres is holding briefings and debriefings in this conference room?

A gorgeous view of the Obamas' new home

The world waiting for Obama to conquer it...well, he already has...let's just keep the faith and keep hope alive that he will make it better!


Unknown said...

It's all incredibly exciting. I cannot wait until January 20th.

GFS said...

It is exciting! I will be there among the throngs of millions to watch history!

Soul Pretty said...

his new bedroom looks like my bedroom...we'll my fantasy bedroom...glad to see your back.