Diva Style: Design Inspiration~Eileen Kathryn Boyd

Monday, March 2, 2009

Design Inspiration~Eileen Kathryn Boyd

There is no other word except for delicious to describe Eileen Kathryn Boyd's Interiors. I adore the way she combines traditional and contemporary styles to create a perfect design sanctuary--with the perfect culmination of neutral and bold coloring thrown in. Her interiors are gorgeous!


Kylie said...

I love the hints of turquoise in almost every room -- that's my favorite color!

Kylie of Bandelle

AGrlCanMAC said...

Agreed! These interiors are hot!

El Jibaro soy yo said...

Love those purple sofa chairs!
You can do alot with those.

Malena said...

Eileen Kathryn Boyd is not just a fantastic designer but also a great human being and an inspiration to all of us!

Malena Design