Diva Style: A Little Visit to Ikea~

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Little Visit to Ikea~

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After thinking a bit about some of the changes I wanted to make to my living room to give it a more modern, airy feel, I decided that a few pieces of white furniture might be fitting. Upon perusing the Ikea website, I found a couple of items that were tres chic in their appearance, so my friend Stacy and I skedaddled on down to a nearby store to see them in person! I left with what you see above, the "dalom", a white wooden (real birch, not particle board, mind you...at least that's what I was told) pedestal side table, which now functions as my makeshift bar. Oh, I also love the fact that it compliments the crown moulding in my living room. Me likey! Do you?


Admin said...

I'm not feeling the little side table bar. It looks a little cheap and alky. Try the tray on the kitchen counter or a bigger table.

Diva Style said...

I had an actual bronzed metal tray table in this spot, and it was smaller than this table, but I moved that tray elsewhere and stored its stand away. I like it here; I can't imagine that any bar would look anything other than alky! ;-)

Admin said...

What can really be cute, is one of those old fashioned brass rolling carts. Those make cute bars.

Diva Style said...

I looked into those, but I haven't seen any brass/golden toned ones in keeping with my living room color palette. I saw something similar at Pottery Barn in silver, but that would throw things off.:-/ The bronze one worked, though--it was just time for a change!