Diva Style: I'm Baaaack!!~

Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm Baaaack!!~

It looks as though the sickness didn't snuff me out, so I'm back to blogging for myself and more importantly, YOU!! Since blogging a while back--pre-sickness--I did LOTS of spring cleaning and organized a closet for better storage in the process. I also found some decorative items (thanks to good 'ol Mom!) that are sure to enhance the beauty of my home. Wheeeee!...I've also added to this wall. See the goods below...

The infamous wall...I want to add one more piece of art to the bottom right.

A little tablescape I created after I found my long-lost bamboo runner

Some glasses that my mom bought for me that are now being used at the bar

Isn't the clear glass muffin thingy so cute? I fell in love with it when I saw it at Home Goods...and it really does keep the baked goods oh so fresh! Oh...I found that little juicer (complements of Mom) during the cleaning, as well!

Found these shadowboxes, too and hung them in my living room...you'd never guess who gave them to me. ;-)

These flowers still going strong after over two weeks.

...Stay tuned for photos of another wall next week...my bedroom smells like latex...PAINT, people! ;-)

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###### said...

Hi Diva...Im glad you stopped by. I dont mean to start trouble girl but get the pillows (lol)..I bought a sofa from him for my office from hsn and LOVE it..I also love your blog..