Diva Style: Set Your Table~

Friday, May 22, 2009

Set Your Table~

This is what happens when boredom and a fancy schmancy table runner take hold! :-)

I think a good tablescape is the cat's meow (even though I think cats are the devil incarnate, lol), so sometimes I get to messing around at my place, and think up ways to make my table look loverly. This is just one of the ideas I had one day after making a stop at one of me and Mrs. Get it Girl's favorite spots, the rarely disappointing Home Goods, which is where I acquired that festive runner!


###### said...

Thanks for the shout out..they never fail do they? Even on a bad day you can pick up something small and be happy. I didnt go today nor yesterday ( I KNOW) but I really dont need anything right now. Well i need pictures for the formal (where the sofa is) but I cant go in and just look at pictures at leave. thats the PROBLEM!

Tiffany said...

pretty! I never do anything fancy to our table, I should try it out!

and I love that you got your first pair of L.A.M.B's! Don't you love them? I'm sure they won't be your last! ;)

###### said...

Hey...yeah thats my sofa redone. Its been home for going on 2 weeks now and I cant stop looking at it.