Diva Style: Vanity Wars~

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vanity Wars~

...and what's in my drawers, teehee. I decided that I wanted to make room for a chair in my room on the side opposite where it had been. This took a little bit of maneuvering. I love my condo, but it can be very unforgiving when it comes to SPACE. So, I placed the nightstand I had been using under my vanity (it fit perfectly, thank God) and I put the chair in the desired location on the other side of the room. Here's a pic of the current set up. Thoughts? Also...as you can see, I have documented what's in my vanity drawers...I got on an organizing kick one weekend day and decided to clean up shop. I was so pleased with myself afterward that I decided to photodocument. Aren't you glad I'm not ashamed of what's in my drawes?! ;-)  I'm interested to know what's in yours! Leave a comment and let me know!

Where I enhance the beauty

MAC makeup, MAC card, all MAC everything. Ha. Yes, I am a fan of Jay-Z, as well as a MAC fiend. Don't act so surprised. Remember these?

Addicted to trying new mascaras, too...

Meh. Sharpies, hair prods, skincare--this drawer is pretty uninteresting if I do say so myself.


The Invincible J said...

Yep the new banner is hot! :)

Diva Style said...

Thanks, J!