Diva Style: :Ushering in the New Year with Gratitude:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

:Ushering in the New Year with Gratitude:

The preceding quotes all came from one of my favorite bloggers over at Elements of Style. I don't normally repost half of anyone's blog, (though I am giving Erin at EoS ALL credit) but as I read through these quotes today, I found that what she listed encompasses all that I feel about this new year! There are so many things I plan to accomplish this year, and I can't wait to bask in the glow of the AWESOME results and success! This will be a year to remember for all the happiness that it holds, and I am already grateful for what I know God is going to allow me to finish!  He has already blessed me with the most wonderful blog followers EVERRRR ( which I am COMPLETELY and UTTERLY psyched to have--love you guys!!) and I hope to keep you all entertained and happy. So, follow me on this journey of gratitude and thanks, and let's enjoy the ride!

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