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Friday, February 26, 2010

:Local Interior:

For my umpteenth and final birthday celebration of February, I will be dining at Eatonville tomorrow evening with some girlfriends. I LOVE this place; the food is just right. Check out the menu here. The restaurant is quintessentially an homage to Zora Neale Hurston. I, for one, think the concept and the interior are divine. There's just the right mix of color and neutrals, making it vibrant, but still intimate.



Wow...I used Ms. Hurston as my muse many a day in college...I just watched a documentary on her on PBS two nights ago...she was something else...and to die the way she did...broke and buried in an unmarked grave until Alice Walker went looking for her and marked her grave...The restaurant looks really cool...Wish I were there...have a drink for me and enjoy...I'm under another 15" of snow this weekend...UGH! I was supposed to be celebrating my b-day this weekend too...Grown and Sexy style, but, now that must wait...It's o.kay...momma needs some rest...someone mentioned my Etsy site on their blog and I'm getting orders from Europe...! So , I got plenty to do...Enjoy girl.

Tamstyles said...

lucky you...good food and good friends is a good mix indeed.