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Sunday, May 9, 2010

:Monkey Menagerie:

I have a thing for monkeys, as can be seen here and here. I know--it's weird. My friends said something about staging an intervention at my house because they are just a wee bit alarmed regarding this situation. But oh well, come and get me, LOL. Anyway, I recently stumbled upon this... 
...and oh yeah....it's gonna be MINE!!! I'm blaming Jamie over at I Suwannee for this one.  She's responsible for the monkey lust this time around. See what I mean? ...That photograph is just one snippet of the Furbish Studio owner's work. Pretty damn awesome.

1 comment:

Tamstyles said...

i guess i am not sold on the monkeys yet...not sure i "get it"...we will see though.