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Monday, July 19, 2010

:Hotel Amour:

Hello my lovelies! Forgive my absence (I had been vacationing in Miami) and had corresponded with the magical Tam Styles prior to leaving to ask her to be my guest blogger, then all hell broke loose with my Blackberry while in Florida, and well...POOF! A dream deferred. No more gmail until I returned meaning no way to contact Tam. Maybe next time.  At any rate, my girls and I resided at the art-deco inspired and gracious employee-riddled Loews Miami Beach Hotel. I swear you literally only had to snap your fingers and whatever you wanted damn near appeared out of thin air.  We were left waiting too long for nothing. However, some friends of ours booked a penthouse suite at the new W in Miami. And let me tell you...that is one sexy-ass, saucy hotel!!  I couldn't resist taking a few shots of the penthouse interior.
Calgon...take me away? Yes please.
Artwork and accessories...whimsical.
Views...well...they just speak for themselves.
And then around the corner at the Gansevoort:
...rooftop oasis. Check! ...Now I can't show you anymore, but rest assured--we behaved. Very well or badly? I'll never telllll.....;-)


Stephanie said...

Ahhh gorgeous, all of it! So jealous of your fabulous trip!!

Unknown said...

Wow makes you want to stay inside. Gorgeous.

I received my giveaway prize today! Loving the book thank you so much for the chance.

Diva Style said...

Yay, Hell Notes!! Glad to know it arrived safely! Enjoy, dear! :-)