Diva Style: :Happy Holidays:

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

:Happy Holidays:

...from the Kardashians
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Behind the scenes beauty shots
Very saucy lip color.

You can't hate on this look...it's just sickening. Too fierce.

Khloe gets the award for most romantically pretty look.

Merely more inspiration to get glam.
Kourt's outfit was my all-time fave. Hands down.
She killed.


Remember to Always...

Live Glamourously.


KeetaRay said...

I LOVE their makeup looks! Always pretty.

Diva Style said...

Meeee, tooo!!! Always so fab!

J.Jehanne said...

as much as I cannot stand them those looks are amazing! I cant wait to see you again babe... 2012 is our year biotch lol