Diva Style: :Knock Knock:

Thursday, December 8, 2011

:Knock Knock:

Who's there you ask? 
...Why, this door, and it's absolutely lust-worthy. And it just so happens to belong to one of my favorite ateliers of handbags, Cole Haan. Just drink in the braided door handle and the orange spice-laquer. How can you not swoon?
...And while we're on the topic of handbags, have your eyes had the opportunity to feast on any of these luxury leather goods from Cole...

Saucy, saucy, saucy...I do say.


Remember to Always...

Live Glamourously.


J.Jehanne said...

ohhh girl, me love all those purses!


Unknown said...

Lovely meeting you last night! Love the black bag!

Happy Holidays, Ashleigh