Diva Style: :Diamonds Are Forever:

Friday, August 17, 2012

:Diamonds Are Forever:

Elizabeth Taylor once said, "Big girls need big diamonds", and I couldn't agree more!
I recently was contacted by Anjolee, a celebrated online retailer known for their customization of jewelry using diamonds and other precious gems. I had never worn any of their pieces before, but the fantastic representative who reached out to me suggested that I try one of their products free of charge. Sidebar: Only the insane say no to free jewelry.
Since Anjolee offers a host of styles, stones, carats, and cuts, the consumer has the opportunity to lend a hand in the design of their selection. Therefore, I was able to customize a piece especially for myself!
I was given the choice between two different pairs of earrings from Anjolee, but decided on the Three-Prong Gemstone Stud utilizing my birthstone, Amethyst. I preferred 2 carats due to the fact that I think larger stones are waaaay more striking when worn alone, but had to settle for 1.2 carats (it was the largest they had in stock at the time). I elected to have them set in sterling silver. Below, some photos of the finished product:

So in the event that you're ever feeling uber-glamourous, want to get all dolled up and put on something super-sparkly, OR your significant other owes you a surprise (or perhaps has some serious making up to do), direct them over to Anjolee.com.  Because I mean, seriously, being caught off guard by one of these Anjolee bracelets...what's not to like?!


Live Glamourously.

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