Diva Style: :Popping Tags on Shopping Bags:

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

:Popping Tags on Shopping Bags:

My apologies for the lack of posts lately, but my life has been a wee bit whirl-windish between new business ventures (pictures to come soon!), something akin to dating, and happily, work!
I, did, however, find time to make a much coveted purchase yesterday. I've been seeking a bag to tote my laptop around in for a minute. I'm on the go quite a bit, and at the expense of sounding too self-involved, I enjoy being stylish on the go. :)
So...I scooted on over to Zara and purchased this after being politely chided by a fellow blogger and some pretty good YouTube reviews.:
I can't wait to start carrying this and get rid of all my ratchet totes and such, lol!
I've gone from bulky bookbags to ridiculously inappropriate carry-alls. And it's time that a stop be put to that nonsense. For good.
This baby is up next on my list:
Variety, is, after all, the spice of life!
Live Glamourously.


Vivi N. said...

The black bag is fantastic. I really do like scouring Zara's site for bags. They really have some great selections. Now, it's just for me to buy one.

Diva Style said...

I concur, Vivi. I was a virgin to Zara until this purchase, but I saw about four other bags that will make it to my closet...slowly but surely.:-)

My Own Erotica said...

It's really cool!