Diva Style: {Mean Shoe Game Steez}

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

{Mean Shoe Game Steez}

Self-proclaimed chick with a mean shoe game....(check the instagram @savvy_siren)...I have recently been on a shoe-buying frenzy! Post-holidays=what I do best...SALES! I've also been known to scour the internet for promo codes every time I shop online, and I normally don't ever come away empty-handed.
*Diva pats self on back*
Up first, the Justine in green & black leather by Boutique 9...
(Started off at $140, went down to $29.99, used my Rewards Pass and got them for...
$21.49 total...CHANG, CHANG, CHANG!) ...I want these in a few other colors, too.

These damn Love Furys keep going on sale, and it's getting on my nerves! I recently RE-purchased the pair you see below because I screwed up my first pair putting the emergency brake on in my car. *blank stare* Imagine that. I don't even normally drive in my good shoes!! :-P ANYway, I bought again because the color is deliciously unique from any other pair of shoes I own, and I got them for $47.99...but wait. There's more. They then went on sale for $39.99 afterward. I would normally raise a fuss and call for a price adjustment, but Nine West just loves to insult customers' intelligence by making them believe they'll only do a one-time courtesy adjustment. I've gotten multiple, teehee. And if I really wanted the sale price, I'd just repurchase and return whichever pair hadn't been worn in the allotted time frame. Sorry for ranting. Rant's over...VoilĂ :
My last pump purchase, the Rolene suede pump, shown below was found at Lord & Taylor. They have so many sales I don't even know how they've stayed in business for so long. They were having a one day sale yesterday until 2 AM this morning, and everything--I mean, everythang--on the website was an additional 25% off. I also received free 2-day shipping on all of the stilettos you see in this post because I ended up getting a gratis year-long subscription to ShopRunner last year. Works for meeeeee!! To-tal price paid here: $27.55 including tax, after starting out at $90 and being reduced to $34.99.
Behold the Frankie by Vince Camuto...
these sneakers--for which I found a random code and received an additional $30 off, serious-- were too sophisto-chic to pass up (plus I love a black/gold color combo!)...and I don't even utilize sneakers except to exercise/play sports. I plan on wearing these with some cute liquid leggings. Can't wait.
Have you guys been able to take advantage of any post-holiday/New Year's sales? Do share!

Until we meet again...
Live Glamourously. 

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