Diva Style: {New Additions}

Monday, January 26, 2015

{New Additions}

Facts. I'm a handbag whore. You guys know this.
If I see a bag I love, I become enamored, obsessed, jaded...blahblahblah...
Now, I'm not really what you would categorize as a frugal girl, 
but I know how retail works when it comes to markdowns, 
so I often (im)patiently wait for the bags that I lust after to go on sale. 
And well, sometimes bags I didn't know I was in dire need of go on sale. . .
which translates into #firstworldproblems forreal forreal. 
That being said, I have new, new, NEW additions to share with you! 
(And yes, I just hit a shimmy while typing.)

I went into Henri Bendel a few weeks back and walked out with 
the leather and haircalf Rivington Tote. It was already on sale, 
and I got an additional 20% off using a coupon I had received from HB
due to an issue I had back in the fall. Worked for meeeee!! 
It comes in other colors and textures online, 
but I grabbed the last one of these babies in store. 
Lucky me. Overall bag design is divine. It screams richness. 

This one, the Whitney Satchel, is a complete showstopper.
I have gotten so many complements from men on this bag.
The vibrancy of the color is ev-er-y-thing and taken over the top
with the gold hardware and reptile print handles. It also has a
removable cross body strap that can be left on and displayed
stylishly by remaining buttoned underneath the bottom of the handbag.
I purchased this during the HB New Year's sale, and guess what?
Got it using the same 20% off code I used before because
I bought this one online as opposed to in-store.
The associate only asked to see the email containing the code
at the actual atelier and didn't bother keying it in,
so I tried my luck during my little online perusing session.
And voila! It worked. I was quite pleased.

Just a little HB portfolio wallet I picked up on sale for half-off.
It's a perfect mate for another Bendel bag I own, similar to
this, but mine is larger and has been discontinued by the brand.
Meanwhile, remember this post where I was whining about a
rare vintage Gucci bag that I had missed the opportunity to buy?
Well, where there's a will, there's a way. I got the bag!
I was able to negotiate a deal through my vintage seller to purchase
it from his original buyer. Don't sleep. She's serious about her Gucci.
Isn't she a beaut?


Until we meet again...

Live Glamourously.

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