Diva Style: The Black Issue...It's Here!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Black Issue...It's Here!

So, glamourpuss that I am, I absolutely HAD to post on this...I finally obtained my issue of the July Italian Vogue! I went through hell and highwater to get this specific publication. I probably called about 12 bookstores in the metropolitan area about 9 times every day for a week and was allegedly placed on God only knows how many waitlists, lol (not to mention, several of the booksellers had not the faintest clue how essential this issue is and how high in demand it would be)...which is annoying when you live near a place known as "Chocolate City" and are looking for something commonly referred to as "The Black Issue". :-) Finally, one morning last week, I got a call from the last bookstore I expected to hear from telling me that it had arrived and my reserved copy would be waiting at the front checkout counter for me. *sigh of relief* Might I also add that I LOVE the fact that this issue focuses on and brings attention to the beauty of Black women in a world that turns in compliance with the European standard of beauty.


Soul Pretty said...

I'm jealous...I live in the fashion capital of the world and can't find a copy...what the?

The Invincible J said...

You are a true diva!