Diva Style: Daily Inspiration~Fresh Flowers

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daily Inspiration~Fresh Flowers

I really have a thing for flowers. They add beauty and vibrance to any room, which is why at any given time, you may find them in my bedroom, living room, or bathroom. The most recent place I've placed a fresh batch is on my coffee table. Absolutely lovely.

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Unknown said...

There are some great colours around in the summer/autumn time that will bring life to any room in the house or in the garden. I have to admit that I am flower mad! I used to buy them locally from a florist down the road from where I live but they cost quite a bit so in my spare time I decided to just take a look on what was offered on the Internet and found a nice little florist called Clare Florist who deliver and customise your bouquet for you and it’s so much cheaper than I originally thought.