Diva Style: Daily Inspiration~Living Space as Sanctuary

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daily Inspiration~Living Space as Sanctuary

This is a magnet I found over the weekend that I decided to use as a coaster on my bedside table...it's perfect...it never moves around on the wrought iron table and it offers a beautiful, blessed message. Cha-ching!

My nightstand filled with beautiful objects tied to peace, serenity, meditation and luck...(excluding the DVD remote, of course.)

My other nightstand filled with lovely things that make one glamourous material girl pretty darn happy sometimes. :-o)

My black crocodile patterned table...replete with a singing meditation bowl that I also found during this past weekend's getaway...(more about that later).

Photos of my living/dining area

I feel that everyone should be absolutely head over heels in love with their place of residence. It not only functions as a roof over your head, but it also functions as a place for you to go to find solace from the worries of the world, work, noise, and mayhem in general. I often find that when I'm bored, tired, or in need of rest or inspiration, I simply need to take a moment to relax in my own interior element, and voila!...there it is. Your place should be peaceful. If you just take a moment, you'll realize that God is there.

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