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Friday, March 6, 2009

Design Inspiration~M.Design

Residential, commercial and design for charity

The lush Luetkemeyer residence

Residential design

Molly Luetkemeyer of M. Design obviously has a fabulous eye for fantastic design. Her interiors are nothing short of sumptuous! And what else would they be? Molly honed her skills completing design school class projects for designer extraordinaire Kelly Wearstler (alright, alright, I know Kelly has made some missteps with her ever-ready hair crimper, but with proteges like Ms. Luetkemeyer, who cares?). I adore the fact that Molly appears to LOVE color and there is an evident art deco influence in her work (kwid, anyone?). A woman after my own heart! I need say no more. Let the images speak for themselves!

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Dwana said...

mmmm I ♥ this post, too. So much beauty. I need to do something new to my place...I guess I need money first, huh.