Diva Style: Makeup Mondays is Back!!~

Monday, March 9, 2009

Makeup Mondays is Back!!~

Hello make-up lovers! Your favorite manic Monday make-up diva is baaaack...and this go-round, she got one of her oh so stylish friends, Lenise, to be the guinea pig and model the eye look she created!

What you'll need:
*MAC "Painterly" Paint Pot
*MAC "Club" Eyeshadow
*MAC "Patina" Eyeshadow
*Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eyeliner in "Espresso Ink"
*Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara in "Very Black"
*Assortment of brushes (brush substitutions can be made.)

Step 1: Used a flat semi-wide brush with a rounded tip to apply Painterly from lashline to just above crease of the eyelid; this paint pot helps the shadows you apply adhere to your lid without creasing or fleeing. (P.S.-I used a no-name brush that performed the application meticulously).

Step 2: Used MAC brush #213 (one of my faves!) to apply Patina from lashline to just above the crease of your lid using a windshield washer motion.

Step 3: Used Laura Mercier Eye Colour brush to apply Club eyeshadow from outer corner of eye to middle of lid and just above the crease a bit. Smooth out shap edges using finger.

Step 4: Applied Bobbi Brown Gel Ink Liner from middle to outer corner of lid first, then extended middle line to inner corner of lid (it's just easier for me that way sometimes) using an Essence of Beauty smudge brush.

Step 5: Finish with a mascara (in this case, Lash Stiletto) that lifts, separates and elongates in darkest black for that ultimate glam factor. I applied mascara to both sides of lashes (front and back). Be sure to start at the very bottom of the lashes (as close to the lashline as possible) to get the greatest benefit (that UMPH factor, divas!!) from your mascara. I have learned that a slower, more attentive mascara application gets you more bang for your buck--and even more fantastic and tantalizing eyes. (By the way, you will have to forgive me--I forgot to take snapshots of the steps as they were completed, so I only have photos of the finished product...oopsie.)

And...VOILA!...today's Makeup Monday mission: ACCOMPLISHED! Lenise approved! See you next week for this segment!


Dwana said...

Nice job! I like the way you broke it down. Simple yet elegant.

Admin said...

The model is pretty but I'm not really feeling the gray or purple eye color.

Admin said...

Oh it's brown?!
I think it has to be balanced with a nice foundation.

Tiffany said...

gorgeous! I think the colors you used are great.

Thanks for visiting my blog! the brush holders in my post were extra samples from my husband's interior design firm and I wanted more so we tried to find where they sold them but couldn't find them anywhere!