Diva Style: Spring Fling~

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Fling~

What a beautiful bouquet!

Love, love, love this touch--looks like it could be easily duplicated using table napkins/linens

The calm before the storm...some tasty appetizers set up on the kitchen island

Coffee table centerpiece

Piano room

Living room

Love this chair!

Loverly table settings

Hotel style buffet setting

The storm...what a feast!

Cute napkin ring holder

Floral delight

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of having Easter dinner with a longtime friend's family--they are practically my family at this point! I absolutely love them! His auntie is the most perfect, most gracious hostess and has an absolutely beautiful home. She is a lady after my own heart--always adding small, yet decorative touches to make her gatherings all the more special and festive! The photos showcase everything from her lovely flower arrangements and tablescapes to her exquisite taste in furniture and decor. The touches are oh so wonderful and scream "Spring is here!" from the hightest mountaintop!


Unknown said...

What perfect little touches. Why do flowers make us all so happy? Hope you enjoyed yourself.

Kylie of Bandelle

###### said...

that sofa of yours and old chair are sooo nice..love those pieces to heart!

Soul Pretty said...

What's up girl?...where are you?