Diva Style: My Work~The Transition and the Masterpiece!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Work~The Transition and the Masterpiece!


A sign I created for the big day--it's a play on the newly unified couple's last name, Small. :-)

The unity candle and floral arrangements I had created for the nuptials

Some small accents I added to the tables in the courtyard, where the actual wedding took place.

The string lights that I had installed for the wedding--the ambiance they added was divine and perfect for the night!

My decorating concept for the reception area brought to life utilizing the "sunset colors" the couple wanted implemented

The ADORABLE couple...I swear words cannot even express how beautifully they compliment each other.

I know I have been MIA for a while now, but I have been crazy busy. A couple of weeks ago, two very good friends of mine needed my assistance pulling together the event of their lifetime: their wedding!!! It's a long story, but let the photos speak for themselves. Sidebar: It was an EMERGENCY, (and NO, nobody needed their greencard or anything like that, LOL) so please note that I pulled this little design scheme, or what I like to call an "exterior interior" off in a matter of, like, um, 4 days. Cheah. Not a game. Oh, and by the way, the hotel that the couple utilized for the wedding normally doesn't even allow weddings, but God truly smiled on us. Not only that, BUT the wedding went off so well, that the hotel has decided to put it on a blog they are creating, so watch for your favorite decorating diva's designs in the press soon!!

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These images are beautiful :)