Diva Style: Getting Carried Away~

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Getting Carried Away~

She's baaaack...Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie of SATC, that is, with all her fabulous fashions in tow. I FLIPPED when I saw the Halston dress in these stills of an upcoming scene for SATC: The Movie 2. Delicious look, if I do say so myself. And a look that I rock on a semi-regular basis; I am SUCH the dress girl! Read (and see) more here.


Milan said...

I've turned into a dress girl myself. This dress she has on is cute!

Diva Style said...

Yes, Ms. Milan, don't you just LOVE them? I am such a girly girl, I could saunter around in them all day, lol.

GFS said...

Iam so ready for this movie! And I am always about the dress!