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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

:Work in Progress--The Bachelor:

A project in the works.

Dining Room--still in search of more accessories, but I adore the clean lines of the chairs and the wooden pedestal table.

Found artwork for the kitchen

The rug I found for the kitchen is much brighter than the artwork, though still in the same color scheme; it also echoes a similar geometric pattern found in the art. Love that.

The girls' bathroom (and bathroom rug at bottom)...they adore it so far! I'm tackling their bedroom next!

Artwork that has inspired my design of the living area

Pillows I found that I thought would complement the living room (the one on the right was my favorite option that I picked out though the bachelor was skeptical at first); however, he ended up liking both sets...the third option went back.

More accessories


The most comfortable chairs everrrr....and they are slip-covered with matching ottomans! Pretty sexy, eh?

Aerial view of the living room (from the loft)

Bedding for the bachelor's sleeping quarters, which are still in need of some serious attention--he loves the comfy bedding, though!


Scientific Housewife said...

Looks great! I love the chairs and the bedspread :)

Diva Style said...

Thank you so much! You would never believe where I found the bedding--Wal-Mart! (though I kind of loathe that place, lol.)