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Sunday, February 6, 2011

:My Weekend:

I had a fantastic weekend! Celebrated the 30th birthday of a divar-rific friend (I'm up next! YAY! for us February babies!), went to a Pottery Barn decorating class Sunday morning, shopped a little, re-watched Lipstick Jungle (was actually a great show that got dumped by NBC:-( ) and chillaxed. It was sublimely awesie. While "watching" the Superbowl--I was actually supposed to be at a football soiree, but promptly collapsed on my sofa when I got home from being out that morning/afternoon--I cooked dinner (turkey burger) and randomly (not unlike me) began working on a kitchen cabinet organization project. Scenes from my weekend below...

Sunday Brunch--Barbecued salmon with wasabi mashed potatoes,
onion strings and asparagus cooked to perfection at The Cheesecake Factory
...Beginnings of my weekend kitchen org project. One of my fabulous friends is coming over on Tuesday to help me complete this endeavor:
Yes. All of this came out of my KITCHEN cabinets
(not the vacuum). What the hell?

My dining room table after my kitchen cabinets threw up all over it.
#le sigh

The beginning of order....my bottom cabinets are a hot ass mess, though.

Disclaimer: If any of the photos seen in this post
are slightly crooked, blame it on the al-al-a-al-a-alcohol. :-)
I was sippin' on some syzzurp. #dontjudgeme
FYI, though--this is DAMN good syzzurp!
Drink responsibly!

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