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Monday, May 2, 2011

:Makeup Mondays:

Mmmkay...so I wanted to do a FOTD (face of the day) for this post (MY 300th btw...YAAAY!!); BUT after uploading the photos, I realized that they weren't the best for actually showcasing my look or the colors I used. WOMP. I clearly need to become more acquainted with the alternative camera settings on my Android. However, I must spread the news! I found the most fabulous beauty accessory EVERRR last week-a lash applicator from Sephora; As everyone's favorite celebrity apprentice, NeNe Leakes would say: 
 BAM! ;-)

The minute I used this to apply my falsies yesterday, I was walking on sunshine! I normally just use a pair of tweezers, but these joints are the bee's knees. The tip of this apparatus makes it extremely easy to meld your two sets of lashes together (your natural set and the fakes). Two words: Utterly seamless.

Don't believe me? Lookie!
Can you see 'em?

Here's a close-up. Clearly, those are totally fake.
Looks like I overdosed on Latisse. ;-)
The applicator was $8. I think the lashes ran me about $5.
I give this applicator a perfect 10. ...Will you be picking up one?!


KeetaRay said...

So I usually use my fingers to apply lashes and often struggle with using any type of tool. Lmao But you have convinced me to at least give it a try. Ur lashes look fabulous!

Diva Style said...

OMG. It it supremely AWESOME!! Thanks!

YoungDre said...

Good job ;)

Soul Pretty said...

Oh, you look Soul Pretty...smile. I gotta get on of those for my lashes...I will be picking it up.

Diva Style said...

DOOOO IIIIT, SP!! You'll look fab, I know!