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Monday, April 25, 2011

:Monday Deals:

One of my absolute favorite stores is White House Black Market. The chain became exceptionally popular when this particular Mrs. wore one of their dresses for her appearance on The View. 

Alas, I loved them WAAAAAY before that! :-) As a matter of fact, they have always been my go-to retailer of choice when it comes to sleek work attire, cocktail parties/evening events, and LBDs. And though I adore color in decorating, (as well as dressing myself), their monochromatic themes totally resonate with me, especially when it comes to my professional attire. A close friend of mine once described my style as "updated classic" (I totally loved him for that, lol), and WHBM is the champ when it comes to that sartorial aesthetic overall. That being said, take a look at what I got today!

I paid a whopping $39.88 for this blazer (total) - Originally priced at $148.
Love the neck line detailing.

Courtesy of some finagling and an offer code, I received 10% off this dress.
Paid $80.79 total. Originally priced around $158.

I'll just say this in closing. Every time I wear one of WHBM's dresses, I always turn heads. It's important to add that when I purchase from them most of the time, I usually wait for a sale. I'm a Black Book member, so I get 5% off of all purchases and free shipping whenever I order online. I'm FAR from frugal, but I don't like paying, saaaay, $160, for a piece of clothing that I know has been manufactured in excess and will cost half that price or less in a couple months or so. I practice the same mentality when purchasing my beloved Cole Haan bags. There will always be leftovers! :-)

How do you guys feel about WHBM's clothing?


Anonymous said...

OMG! I lovvvvve WHBM...my budget, doesn't. Lol I got a dress from there for my bday 2yrs ago & I've been hooked every since. Now, if I can convince my hubby to buy me one dress every yr for my bday, I'd be content. Lol

Diva Style said...

I know right! They are the greatest!! :-)

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