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Monday, June 13, 2011

:Beautylicious Mondays:

Hello Diva Style dahhhlings! In today's Beautylicious Mondays post, I want to feature my friend Keeta's blog! We are both beauty enthusiasts and lust over makeup! She probably doesn't realize it, but as of late, she has been a real inspiration (and social media tutor, LOL) in my quest to work on business development for my interior design company, Exquisite Interiors. Keeta is a professional makeup artist (who's doing my makeup today, as a matter of fact--WHEEEE!) and she also has a totally fantaaaabulous blog, KeetaRay where she offers encouragement, motivation and inspiration for all, as well as natural hair and beauty tips! Click here to read more, and in the meantime, feast your eyes on this awesome post she did on Newspaper Nails last week! It will cost you less than $6 and have you looking like a million!!

  Keeta's Nails

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KeetaRay said...

Thanks so much, Lita! :-)