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Monday, September 5, 2011

:Hotel Lust:

Fortunately, the weekend Hurricane Irene arrived, I had previously scheduled a staycation in the lap of luxury at DC's Topaz Hotel. I cannot say ENOUGH great things about the quality of service given by the staff, and the wonderful staff members themselves. They really rolled out the red carpet for ya girl.
*Free wine reception, not to mention a bottle replete with two glasses in-room when I came back from the reception: CHECK!
*Free internet service: CHECK!
*Free premium channel cable: CHECK!
*Free gift card to raid the mini-bar: CHECK!
*Whatever I needed whenever I called: CHECK!
YEP! These folks know how to treat exalt their guests...and are incomparable to any hotel staff I've ever encountered--and that's an extremely good thing. Oh, and did I mention the hotel is walking-distance from a multitude of terrific restaurants, nightlife, prime shopping, etc....that is, if you even actually decide to venture away from the property, which also has an uber hip bar/lounge/restaurant on the premises. I'm sooo looking forward to my next stay. And I seriously wanted to move into my hotel room. It was my very own pied-à-terre for the weekend--even had a vanity, and well...you know how I feel about those, seen here, here and here. See where I was luxuriating last weekend for yourself...

I had my very own couch, y'all! : )
Oh, and this chair...self-explanatory. High-glamour and ultra chic.
See that laptop? It was a showpiece on the desk for most of the weekend. I had a great view though!
Love this mirror from Z Gallerie. Wanted to pack it up in my suitcase when preparing to check out.
I cozied all up in this after my in-room massage. It was the perfect antidote to Irene.

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Tiffany said...

Wow that sounds great. I wish there was a hotel like that around where I live.

Peace, Love and Chocolate,