Diva Style: :Beautylicious Mondays (Tuesday Edition):

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

:Beautylicious Mondays (Tuesday Edition):

I promise Beautylicious Mondays will soon return to its regularly scheduled day...but for now, work with me and the Tuesday editions! That being said, I HAVE to share this awesome product with you!

I had learned about it before via one of my estheticians, but I really didn't take her recommendation to heart. It wasn't until my friend KeetaRay mentioned it, then gifted me with an exfoliation cloth from The Body Shop and the roll-on version of Tend Skin that I understood what all the hype was about!

I have extrememly sensitive skin (a problem many suffer from, but specifically Black and Brown people when it comes to hair removal), and often after waxing or shaving or using hair removal creams on my bikini area and underarms, it would be a total freakin' nightmare to deal with. I would get crazy discoloration and bumps from ingrown hairs and overall irritation from hair removal. WELP. Tend Skin to the rescue!
I began following two simple steps every day upon the advice of Keeta and voila!: I'm ready for my Sports Illustrated spread: swimsuit edition. Heeeeey! Simply exfoliate your bikini and underarm areas using something like this and the body wash of your choice in the shower. Do it for approximately one minute. I moisturize after bathing, then apply the Tend Skin to both of the aforementioned areas. Both started clearing up in less than a month, and well...now, I think I'm ready for an Agent Provocateur ad. :-) I'm no longer embarrassed by my bikini line and I just want to strut around in lingerie all day, lol. Though I don't. I imagine this also works well for men who shave their facial hair.
Tend Skin can be found at Sephora, and there's only one down-side, if you even care. Obviously, after shaving or other hair removal methods, whatever area you are applying the Tend Skin to will most likely burn because the product does contain alcohol. You can muffle the sound of your screams with a pillow, or just let it all out. Pretend you're an extra in the Paranormal series. Just try not to frighten your neighbors because it is possible that they will think someone is being murdered. This wasn't a deterrent for me though because having a pretty bikini line and smooth underarms is way more important than the temporary sting. Alcohol Schmalcohol.
I hope my review of this product has helped you saucy ladies and gents!


KeetaRay said...

Lol at your last paragraph! So happy this worked for you!! :)

Cortnie Elizabeth said...

You know, this post is kind of a resue for me. My bf and I do the long-distance thing and he lives in Miami. Saying that a bikini is a big part of what I pack when I go...my bikini line is definitely something I'm self-conscious about. I've heard of this stuff before, but never really listened. Thanks for doing this post and telling us where to find it. I had the same concerns as you...n ow I can't wait to go buy some!

Now following you with GFC too :)

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