Diva Style: :Eddie Bauer Blogger Day~Part Un:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

:Eddie Bauer Blogger Day~Part Un:

Yesterday was Eddie Bauer Blogger Day, so myself and some of my favorite metro area bloggers took to the Tysons Corner store for madness, mayhem and models--all good!! Honestly great times! I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked, but I did snap some. It was such an honor to be in the house! S/O to Lola and Luis for their OUTSTANDING organization and management of the event!

These first few are from random artful displays in the store...

Sadé from 9 to Fly

Jen from Comme-Coco

Sadé in action--pulling her looks!

from left: Moi,Vivi, Jen, Michelle, & Sadé

...The last pic though...Seriously?? LOL.
Clearly, there were several shots being taken at once! :-)

Stay tuned next week for Part Deux, where you can peep
 the looks I styled for our wonderful models, Tyler and Kelsey!


Sadé said...

LOL @ the last picture!!! Too funny yes! this is what i look for in posts...the humor. Loves it!

Vivi N. said...

Too many flashes distracting us in the last photo. *chuckles* Anywho, such a great event. Pleasure meeting you. Next time, we all need to hang out. :o)

J.Jehanne said...

hahahaah great post. Love the last pic, like really, what am I looking at? My non existent boobs? Maybe I am talking to them and asking them to look perky???