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Thursday, October 27, 2011

:Not Just for Kids...Anymore:

Bunk beds, that is...
I was recently introduced to this website, and I was honestly kind of mystified by what they had to offer. When I was a kid, bunk beds had a somewhat ethereal quality for me. Though I never actually had one, whenever I saw one, I was transported to some sort of magical, whimsical place in my mind. And I always imagined myself sleeping on the top bunk--because it seemed so snug and cozy--and additionally, top bunks seemed to provide more solace and safety from whatever night creatures crawled underneath the medicocre beds that simply rested on the same floor that I knew I walked on. And honestly...what's so special about a regular old bed? :-)
Even as I've gotten older, I still love a bed that's a bit more elevated than usual--an obsession if you will? Makes me feel more regal and esteemed, I suppose...so imagine my amazement when I realized the variety of individuals these bunks were suited for. I literally found options for any combination of people, which makes the concept of customized bunk beds all the more appealing in my opinion. I could see myself using one of these for a kid's room, but also in a guest room, or even an office. I sure wish I had known about full-size bunks during my dormitory days!
The array of customized finishes and recession-proof pricing makes any choice a steal!...
Not to mention the multi-functionality of futon bunks for lounging, loft bunks for workstation set-up, as well as bunks that hide drawers or trundle-style beds (perfect for unexpected company!)...and let's not forget the fact that bunk beds really do offer organic fun for anyone lucky enough to sleep in one.
...I mean, honestly...how could this set-up be anything but fun?

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Sadé said...

Full size bunk beds...who knew? The trundle style is super cute, but I know I'd be the one to forget someone was laying there! LOL