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Saturday, January 21, 2012


My polishes are finally here from Zoya, and I must say, that was one hell of a promotion Refinery29 staged!! A couple weeks back, they posted about how to get thy digits on some free nail candy. I couldn't wait to cop my free swag...and please believe, I made sure my family and friends got a piece of the action, too! :-) I sampled the polish earlier today, and I gotta give it up...it's delicious--the color, the consistency. We'll see about the staying power. Peep the colors I splurged on below...all mine for a whopping $6.95 total...paid shipping only!

From left: Petra, Edyta

Sidebar: {Icing on Cake} On top of all this, I'm blogging this post from my brand new computer gifted to me from my Mama for my birthday (it's an early gift) and much-needed! I was about to chuck my old one out the window...grrr!!


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Sadé said...

im going to make as nasty phone call to customer service if they dont finally ship mine!! lol

beautiful colors post a pic after you paint!!


Vivi N. said...

I totally forgot to hop on this deal. You picked out some nice colors. And I agree with Sade, do a post on how the color looks on your nails.