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Monday, January 30, 2012

:Designing Woman:

My weekend consisted of additional shopping for this client's home on Sunday. WHEEEE!! 
Some of the furniture had arrived when I visited his abode, as well.
Here are a few items I considered for him on the shopping trip...

I had mentioned metal wall art to him, and though this is for housing votive candles,
 it's somewhat along the lines of what I was thinking, but I want more color.

Interesting, I do say. I likey.

Art for the stairwell wall? Love the multi-dimensionality.

Went to Bo Concept to pick up an objet for the entry console in the bachelor's foyer.
This spread awaited me on their table and though I didn't indulge...
I must concur...THIS is the way you treat a customer!

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Vivi N. said...

You picked out some great items. I especially like the metal wall art.

Meanwhile, I tagged you up for a blog award. Check out my recent post for more details.