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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

:Finding the Perfect Accessory(ies):

Still perusing design elements for the bachelor. He alerted me yesterday that the bench I decided on for his foyer arrived, and the pillows are being delivered today! I'll be finishing up this particular section of his home on Thursday (for now, anyway, since he's decided to wait on painting and a chandelier for the entry way. *sad face*) I think once the wall is covered in whatever material/medium we decide on and a new chande makes its way to the ceiling, the space will look much warmer. I took a little trip to Home Goods yesterday and found an array of items that we could use in his space based on his affinity for earth tones, Buddha, wooden elements and actual dark wood furniture. I playfully refer to him as "the Zen master".

I was a fan of the top part of this table, but the bottom looked a little cheap to me.

I suggested some sort of metal art for the wall that accompanies the bachelor's staircase.
I don't think this is it, though.

This piece had the multi-dimensional factor I was seeking for the art,
but wasn't necessarily the right style.

This Buddha complements nothing in the bachelor's home.
Moving right along...

When I forwarded him this picture, he commented that this Buddha was "pimped".
I concur. :-)

This one made me chuckle.
How can you say no to a rotund-belly Buddha?

In unrelated Operation Bachelor news, I liked this chair...found it interesting and such...
but the tone/material gave me the willies. It has an eerie aspect about it 
that makes it seem as though it belongs at the Cryptkeeper's house.
Or in Morticia Adams' budoir at the vanity table...


Live Glamourously.

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