Diva Style: {What I've Been Up To....}

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

{What I've Been Up To....}

I recently moved to a new place and am SUPER excited with all the space (and awesome natural light, too!) that I've acquired! My bedroom is huge, and I'm turning my bathroom into a Caribbean island oasis. See for yourself...
Bathroom is cozy with a ton of room, and I am LOVING the fact
that I never have to close my blinds due to the enormous
amount of privacy via the foliage in back.
Bonus: the shower has, like, 8 settings.
One of them feels like I'm standing under an Amazonian mist.
I sooo wasn't kidding about that island oasis part.
PS: The art came from my birthday trip to Belize earlier this year.
Perfect complement to walls that have been dipped in sunshine...
(fresh flowers courtesy of Trader Joe's, a short walk from the house!)
Moving right along....
If you saw this post, you know that I now have
designs on Mr. Henri Bendel. His bags are my new obsession.
...So, when I placed an online order not long ago,
I was pleased that they included a shopping bag in my shipment.
Their branding is fantastic! So much so, I decided to
frame the bag in a Ribba purchased from Ikea...
Lastly, my seating area...currently under construction,
but coming along quite nicely for the time being...
it's awaiting an ottoman that I need to go pick up
from storage...oh, and a pillow or two!
 Until we meet again...
 Live Glamourously.

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